Custer County Clerk

The County Clerk’s position is very diverse. Elected by partisan ballot every 4 years, constitutional and statutory laws give this one elective county officer five titles: Clerk of the District Court, Auditor, Recorder, Clerk of the Board of County Commissioners, and Chief Elections Officer of the County. The County Clerk also oversees County Assistance. There are several deputies assisting the clerk with her duties. The Auditor acts as the County Budget and Accounting Officer. Responsibilities include compiling the budget requests and submitting the budget to the Board of County Commissioners; recording appropriations made to county agencies, the outstanding liabilities against these appropriations and the expenditures made against the appropriations; keeping accounting records on the revenues, expenditures and balances in each county fund. The Auditor also prepares and remits checks to employees, vendors, and other persons entitled to payment. All moneys received by various county offices are recorded in financial records. The Recorder is responsible to keep records of all documents recorded in Custer County. Additionally, the Recorder’s office provides marriage licenses, processes passports and records land documents, including plat maps, surveys, easements, assertions of right-of-way, and some types of liens.
Lura Baker
Custer County Clerk


Custer County Court House
801 E. Main Ave.
PO Box 385
Challis, ID 83226-0385
Phone:   (208) 879-2360
Fax:       (208) 879-5246

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Custer County Clerk's Office
801 E Main Ave #385
Challis,  Idaho 83226

Custer County Clerk's Office
PO Box 385
Challis, ID 83226


Monday – Friday
8:00 a.m. – 5:00 p.m.
holiday closures

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