Magistrate Court is held on Monday's and Tuesday's

District Court is the 2nd Tuesday of every month

Small Claims Court is held on Wednesday of the 2nd full week of the month

We offer Links to assist you in finding information and giving you updates that might help with questions at the  bottom of this page.


Laila Plummer
Court Supervisor/Jury Commissioner
Phone:  (208) 879-2359, Ext. 1
Lyndee Kauffman
Deputy Clerk/Jury Office
Phone:  (208) 879-2359, Ext. 2


Custer County Courthouse
Custer County Courts (upstairs)
Seventh Judicial District
801 E. Main Ave.
PO Box 1128
Challis, ID 83226-0385
Phone: (208) 879-2359
Fax:     (208) 879-6412


Monday – Friday
8:00 a.m. – 5:00 p.m.
holiday closures

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